Welcome to my VW Puma Page



Welcome to my page.


Some of you might have good knowledge about the VW Puma and some of you might only have discovered them recently.  If you are not familiar with them, here’s a bit of background.


VW Puma's were designed and built in Brazil by a man called Rino Malzoni. They started building them in 1964 and were building them until 1992. The rights to the Puma name were sold to Ford in 1995 for the European market.

There were a few Puma’s built-in South Africa from 1973 to 1991. The company was started up again in 2006 and built a limited number of new ones as well as doing restorations on older models. In total, about 383 were built in South Africa.


In total there were 22,118 cars built. Click here to see a full list by year.

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